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Logistics labels

Many larger warehouses are now automatically controlled via a barcode system. It requires barcodes (or QR codes) on each shelf / corridor with precise information about the location and content.

Pallet labels

Today, there are many large warehouses which will only accept pallets where information is encoded with a barcode. It makes the whole workflow of getting goods registered in the warehouse much easier and quicker.

Color labels

Now we can print labels with color and you can get colorful labels (in small orders) at an affordable price. We have a wide range of exampels, but you are always welcome to submit a design, logo or picture and we will print it on the label.

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You decide yourself whether you want to email, fax or phone your orders. We are ready to process them as quickly as possible and always with a smile. It's actually one of our major strengths, which we are very proud of:

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